Spotlight From Home is a two page activity sheet containing: challenges, crafts and a Bible story. They are created so that the Spotlight Clubs can carry on while we are in lockdown. You can see the most recent one below. Ones from last year can be viewed and downloaded  by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, they are divided into different categories.

Sometimes, when people are stranded in remote places and need rescuing, they spell out the word ‘HELP!’ or S.O.S. using anything they can find around them on the ground in the hope that someone in an aeroplane might see it and rescue them.

Moses went back to Egypt and told Pharaoh that God had commanded him to let the Jewish people go. Pharaoh wouldn’t listen. “NO!” he stubbornly replied. Moses warned Pharaoh that if he dared to ignore God’s command, God would have to do something to make him listen. Moses explained that God would send plagues to the land of Egypt until he let the Jewish people go free. (A plague is something bad that happens to a lot of people.)


Pharaoh was cruel and stubborn and wouldn’t listen to God. Nine times Moses told Pharaoh to let my people go, nine times Pharaoh said “No!” and nine times God sent a plague to Egypt. Finally, Moses warned Pharaoh that if he didn’t set the people free straight away, God would send a really bad plague but still Pharaoh said “No!”


Find out what happens in the next ‘Spotlight From Home’.


What did God’s people do when they wanted to be freed from being slaves in Egypt? That’s right, they prayed to God for help. God heard their prayers and sent Moses to rescue them. Christians believe that God cares about us very much. Sometimes things happen that make us sad, scared or worried. The Bible tells us that we can give all our worries and cares to God, for he cares about us. As a Christian I find it a huge comfort to know that I can talk to God about how I’m feeling because he cares for me so much.

Did you manage the challenges? I’m guessing you found them pretty difficult. Both challenges were nearly impossible to do yourself.

How did you get on this time? I’m guessing you found it much easier. When you asked for help, things that seemed impossible suddenly became possible.

As the Jewish people continued their journey towards the land that God had promised them, they faced many challenges that seemed impossible to overcome.  Imagine you went on a journey through a desert. What do you think some of those challenges might be? Finding enough water for all those people was one but God provided plenty of water whenever they needed it. What about food? Again, day after day, God provided food for everyone to have enough to eat. God also kept them safe from any nations who might want to attack them as they travelled. Whenever Moses asked God to help them, he did. Every step of the way God guided them, protected them and provided for them.

I’m sure you’ve been told to say “thank-you” when someone helps you. Do you think God’s people had lots to thank God for? Of course, they did! But surprisingly, the Jewish people were not very good at thanking God for all his goodness. In fact, they did the opposite: they grumbled and moaned and complained. They complained about the food; too boring, and the water; not nice enough. Some of them even said it would have been better if they had stayed in Egypt and been slaves. They soon forgot how awful their lives had been in Egypt and how faithful, loving and mighty God was rescue them. How sad God must have felt.


What do you think we should be thankful to God for? How many things can you think of? Christians believe that God loves and cares for us far more than we can ever imagine. He provides for us, protects us and guides us as we journey through life. Yet it’s so easy to forget to say ‘thank-you’. Why not take a few moments to say a ‘thank you’ prayer now!

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